Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Matters

When this started out, I thought I'd be doing daily blog posts, kinda like a trip diary. I couldn't blog at Burning Man, and afterwards I had trouble finding words to describe the experience. Four weeks or so later, I was standing tonight on a friend's balcony, high on a hill overlooking San Clemente, the hills around the bay, the vast Pacific beyond, the pale amber haze above the towns fading to the darkest blue above, with a full moon shining down on me. Typical out here. Not conducive to sitting and typing. Since the Black Rock City experience, I've been with the redwoods up north, spent a week in Sausalito and San Francisco, sat in hot sulphur baths at 1 AM at Esalen, above the surf and under the stars, stayed a week in Venice, spent four glorious days with Mad Juana in Ocean Beach / San Diego, stopping here on the way back to L.A. to get the rear window replaced (again!).

So if there haven't been any reports for a while, it's not because there's nothing to say, but there's just too much to say. The old Be Here Now thing kicks in and I be here now. Gosia's got photos posted up to Santa Barbara, and more coming soon, and the words will follow when I get back
inland to blogging country. Meanwhile, check earlier posts for updates, as I post items dated according to the subject, not the posting date.

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