Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22.08 SD Sioux Falls- Keystone


Anonymous said...

Where the H3LL is WALL DRUG?

LuCyna said...

oh snap!!! did Crazy Horse look amazing in the distance? that's a pretty steep fee for an incomplete piece. you've missed the nyc chill- temps been in the 50s-60s all week, and rain, and many clouds. um, it's gonna be 90' come saturday!! lots of love... (i'm due for knee surgery in the next few weeks)

Mikolaj said...


dobrze jedzie, jedziecie, suniecie, poslij Pawlowi linke, wezmie go na haczyk,

Gosiu, zdjecia rewelka,

jutro przez atlantyk.. huuu!!!
my best for Mr Hole from other Pole



Lundo said...

> Where the H3LL is WALL DRUG?

Hah! We were wondering the same thing. Then we learned that the eastern plains and western slopes of SD are separated by a topoogical "wall", and they formed a town on the main E-W route called WALL. So there it is!